One-to-One Ballet Coaching

Nothing beats the personal attention, the fully customised or a one-to-one class.

If ballet is a very important part of your life, you may want to consider private one-to-one classes. Here, you get the full personal attention of your teacher. Since there are no other students, the pace of the class is adjusted to you and each exercise is chosen specifically for you to improve on your personal weaknesses and further develop your personal strengths.

Christina will continuously monitor your progress with you. Beyond her competence as a professional ballet teacher you will also benefit from her ample and varied experience as a professional dancer.

One-to-one sessions are arranged on demand in venues in Central London. While the fee for a 60 minute class is £95-£110 (depending on studio) including studio hire, you can save by pre-paying a package.

Package discounts

If you buy a package of five one-to-one classes, you get a discount of 5% on the overall price, so you pay £451-522 instead of £475-550.

The package deal needs to be paid for in full before the first class is booked. Please note that refunds are not possible once you have paid for a package, but Christina will try to be accommodating in finding times that suit your commitments.