Body conditioning

“Why body conditioning? I just wanna dance…!”

That is why you may want to consider taking regular body conditioning classes: You do not only want to dance now, you also want to be able to dance for years.

Scary monsters

Injuries are the scary monsters out to get us at any time. 

Good nutrition and plenty of sleep are important weapons to help you keep these monsters at bay. However, there also are others:

  • Strengthening important supporting muscles
  • Creating or enhancing muscle memory to perform movements the right way

While these two strategies are close siblings, they are not the same thing. A good body conditioning class taught by an experienced specialist will focus on both: 

Strengthen your support

With very specific, targeted exercises, I will help you strengthen tiny muscles that help you support your big muscles in ways that may help reduce injury risk. 

Build or enhance good habits

At the same time, my exercises are designed to create and/or enhance the kind of muscle memory that helps you to automatically perform movements the right way. It is so easy to create bad habits in ballet. Changing these habits means you need to re-create muscle memory to replace the bad habits.

Try my body conditioning class. Over the course of a number of weeks, you will start feeling how you slowly become a stronger dancer with better balance.

And it will help you in your efforts to keep those monsters away…

Get a one to one body-conditioning session – book now!

Send me a message through the contact form to arrange a one-to-one online body conditioning session.

£50 per hour payable prior to the class via bank transfer. Please note that cancellations or scheduling changes need to be made at least 24 hours prior to the class as unfortunately, would not be able to credit your payment for future use otherwise.

For this class, you will need to have a fusion ball, or a toy ball and a Fit ball or Swiss ball. Please email me should you need further information regarding the equipment needed for this class.