Beginners adult ballet

Danceworks – Thursdays 4.00pm-5.30pm

This class is for you if you are interested in ballet, but have had no or very few ballet classes in the past.

It is suitable for people of any age and level of fitness and is a sound and careful introduction into ballet technique. While it will be more beneficial for you to attend this class regularly, you are not required to do so and can drop in whenever you are able to.

Ballet, if practised correctly, is a great way of keeping fit, improving posture and of maintaining a healthy body and mind.

If you are uncertain as to whether this class may be suitable for you, please contact me and I will gladly advise you.

Wear something comfortable which will allow you freedom of movement. If you don’t have ballet shoes at the moment, you can wear socks.

Please book your place at this class online

Please note that you need to book your place for this class online at